About Osmara

Osmara founded Motherhood Community after a long and bumpy road to motherhood led her to compile thousands of hours of research unifying effective tools and principles to enhance fertility, heal from miscarriage, sustain a healthy pregnancy, and optimize postpartum recovery

Osmara is an MBA, a functional nutrition practitioner, and a certified yoga and meditation teacher.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, she now lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her husband Ash, daughter Sofía Grace, and two dogs, Molly & Yodha.


We’re a team of parents committed to offering our readers thoughtful, well-researched, & evidence-based pieces of content on topics ranging from pregnancy, postpartum recovery, family health, baby nutrition, baby essentials, &more.

As an educational site, our intention is to inform and empower parents on topics that matter – wherever they are on their
parenting journey.

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